Shared Apartment Francisco D. I

Object-ID: LC-DC-0010
Available from: 01/2018
17. March 2014


Available: FEB 2017
Location: LAS CONDES

Residents max.: 2      Bathrooms: 1
Heating, Internet, TV, Washing machine

Location: The apartment is located in a residential area in the eastern sector of the Chilean capital, in the neighborhood of Las Condes. A 15-minute walk away is the Bilbao subway station (line 4, blue). A few meters away is Americo Vespucio Sur and Bilbao Ave., two avenues with a lot of options for transportation by bus (see map below).
Apartment: The apartment is located on a first floor, with a view of the condominium gardens.
Residents: In it live Francisco (1981), clinical psychologist, who rents out two rooms. Francisco doesn’t smoke, but smoking is allowed on the terrace.
Bedroom/s: The room for rent has a three-quarter sized bed, a gas heater, floor rug, a night table, a chair, a desk, a Cable TV, a DVD, and a large closet.
Bathroom/s: The bathroom is shared among the two rooms that Francisco rents out.
Features: The apartment has Internet access. Use of the washing machine is restricted to twice a week (at no additional cost) and detergent is available at no additional cost.
Comments: The guests are requested to keep the common areas clean and tidy, as well as their rooms and bathrooms, as there is no regular cleaning service.

Rent and additional costs:

Room rental only: 220.000 CLP/month
During the winter, heating is with a gas heater and it has an additional cost of 10,000 pesos per month.


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