Shared Apartment Francisco D. II

Object-ID: LC-DC-0011
Available from: 01/2018
19. March 2014


Available: JAN 2018
Location: LAS CONDES

Residents max.: 2      Bathrooms: 1
Heating, Internet, TV, Washing machine

Location: The apartment is located in a residential area in the eastern sector of the Chilean capital, in the neighborhood of Las Condes. A 15-minute walk away is the Bilbao subway station (line 4, blue). A few meters away is Americo Vespucio Sur and Bilbao Ave., two avenues with a lot of options for transportation by bus (see map below).
Apartment: The apartment is located on a first floor, with a view of the condominium gardens.
Residents: In it live Francisco (1981), clinical psychologist, who rents out two rooms.
Bedroom/s: The room for rent has a three-quarter sized bed, a gas heater, floor rug, a night table, a chair, a desk, a Cable TV, a DVD, and a large closet.
Bathroom/s: The bedroom has a private bathroom.
Features: The apartment has Internet access. Use of the washing machine is restricted to twice a week (at no additional cost) and detergent is available at no additional cost.
Comments: The guests are requested to keep the common areas clean and tidy, as well as their rooms and bathrooms, as there is no regular cleaning service. Francisco doesn’t smoke, but smoking is allowed on the terrace.

Rent and additional costs:

Room rental only: 220.000 CLP/month
During the winter, heating is with a gas heater and it has an additional cost of 10,000 pesos per month.


Location is not the exact address.
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